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Buggerism and Airplane Mannerisms- Part 1

Posted on: 16 February 2014



Dear Uncle


Of ‘Buggerism’ and airplane mannerisms- Part 1


The concept of a ‘bugger’ in the mid 80’s to 90’s was made manifest in Ghana and was stereotyped as a Ghanaian returnee from Western Europe, likely Germany or Holland, who dresses in buggy jeans and flamboyant colours accompanied by heavily ‘gelled’ jerry curls or ‘permed hair’ with sometimes a pony tail to boot. Their colourful opulent dressing and jerry curls slowly disappear when their purchasing power diminishes and gradually they start dressing like local Ghanaians again.

Now Uncle you know me and you know that when I go to Ghana, no matter the circumstances, I like to go in a happy mood and happiness starts right with your flight. That is why I refuse to fly any American owned airline to Ghana because of their poor service for the sake of corporate profit and greed. On my last trip, Delta Airlines served me a tot of cheap ‘Don Sangria’ red wine from a paper box whilst KLM game me a whole bottle of real red wine from France. Heck they even offered an extra bottle so I could get some good sleep. Needless to say there is REAL VALUE in flying with European owned airlines. I will forever fly through Europe insofar as American owned lines continue to offer crappy service irrespective of whether it is convenient to fly direct or not.

Now it is in Amsterdam that you will see an amalgamation of ‘buggers’ like never before. It appears that they call each other to rendezvous in Amsterdam en route to their final destination to Accra, Ghana. Now I like to dress flamboyantly sometimes but even me, I know that flamboyance has its boundaries. It is in Amsterdam that you will encounter colour combinations that make you go Hmmm, Hmmm, hmm and laugh your fucking ass off otherwise abbreviated as LMFAO!!

So at this juncture, one may ask who or what is a ‘bugger’ in the modern world. Well in the manner of Jeff Foxworthy, let me try and paint a picture of one who might be a ‘bugger’

If your name is reversed like ‘Yaw Sam’, ‘Kweku Daniel’ or ‘Kofi John’, you might have some ‘bugger’ DNA in you and just might not know it

If you say ‘‘mine’’ instead of man, ‘’woman been” instead of human being, “Jaarmany” instead of Germany and “Lending” instead of London you might have some ‘bugger’ characteristics

If your trouser waistline is near your nipple or just underneath your armpit you are definitely approaching ‘bugger’ territory.

If you wear colour combination like a yellow pair of trousers with black T-shirt and a yellow linen coat plus yellow and black socks on yellow and black shoes such that you look like a bee you are definitely a ‘bugger’. Likewise if you wear a red linen pants with black top and red jacket matched with red and black socks and shoes such that you look like a ladybug, then you are definitely a ‘bugger’

If you are a young man who wants to be ‘guy guy’ and boards an airplane wearing tank top with sagging jeans displaying your boxer shorts and all goodies, with large non-prescription glasses to match, you are the modern version of a ‘bugger’

Lastly if you have jerry curls (not sporting waves) or permed hair with too much gel that leaves a permanent stain on the airline seat when you leave your seat, you are the epitome of the ultimate ‘bugger’.

In my next piece, I will like to discuss a matter so dear to my heart and that is ‘airplane courtesies’

Your nephew


Otukunana Yaw Berko, Great grandson of Opanin Yaw Berko, Farmer from Kwahu Pepease.