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Wednesday 24 April 2019

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful

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Posted on: 03 June 2013


When Muslims are being mud-slung in the largely atheistic world and most of the influential global press, many non-Muslims, pseudo-Muslims and some Christians rejoice. I have no problem with the first two groups of people. I take issue with the rejoicing Christians and i ask myself what these Christians are rejoicing about. Because in all truth, there is a thin line between what we Muslims and Christians believe and stand for. Our similarities include collective faith in creation and the existence of the Creator; we both believe in the existence of God, His angels and His revelations to human kind through the prophets/messengers. Hence we believe in the messages He transmitted to us through His messengers. We also believe in the last day, i.e. the Day of Judgment when every man will be called by name to account for his deeds on earth. We believe there is life to come after this life and that there is paradise for the righteous believers and that an infinitely colossal furnace of furiously blazing hell fire is real and awaits the souls of those who reject faith.


To the atheist, these beliefs are laughable telltales for ‘undeveloped minds’ and wishful thinkers. Emboldened by the feat of successive scientific discoveries and inventions of the last one and a half centuries, a phenomenon which you and I see as culminating from God’s grace to humanity, the atheist or agnostic not only discards any belief in God, she/he disdain it. With pride, she/he gets sarcastic about God, and at every opportunity seeks to ridicule, debase or denigrate any idea of God or Godliness.


Atheists and agnostics mock men and women of faith and brand us all as old-fashioned thinkers. In Noah, Enoch, Abraham, Lot, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Solomon, David, Daniel, Jeremiah, Zacharias, John the Baptist etc, etc, etc(Allah’s peace and blessings be upon tem all), the atheist or agnostic sees no men of honour but a pack of despicable liars. And in Moses, Jesus and Muhammad(SAW), the Atheists and agnostics see no persons of impeccable character but imposters and deceivers. They thus rubbish their respective messages to mankind and reject them as liars. Consequently, all the rules of morality and standards set by God in scriptures, they throw to the dogs. That which is abhorred and accursed by God in virtually all the scriptures such as pornography, usury, profiteering, ‘gaysm’ etc are promoted very powerfully on the atheist controlled media.


Whereas you and I, by our faiths, wear heavy cloaks of responsibility to act righteously and seek a just and moral society on earth, though with differences in approach, the atheist’s sense of responsibility is limited within the boundaries of secular law. He has earth- bound or mundane goals for doing good or bad. All his considerations are material; he has neither spirituality nor faith in any being outside his present material self to motivate his actions.

Learned atheists and agnostics, incidentally there are hardly any unlearned ones among them, pride in science and unconsciously worship science as their god. And since science sees only the material, the zealous atheists are mostly very materialistic. May sound funny, but they believe that, in the end, science will find an antidote to death and thus spell the doom of God’s reign over the universe. Contrary to Judgement Day, they believe it all ends here with the disintegration and decomposition of the brain. They thus would have you make hay whilst the sun shines; get the most pleasure from this life whilst you are still here, because tomorrow never comes.


They have some differences though. The agnostic is passive, the atheist is active. The former thinks God does not matter in the affairs of men if He exists at all. The latter not only rejects belief in God, he hates and fights it and would readily take up arms, if he can, to fight and exterminate faith, even if it means killing all men and women of faith as was the case in Bolshevik Soviet.


There are also the existentialists, the scientologists, the empiricists, etc, etc all of whom are brands of atheism very much as we have brands of believers such as Muslims, Christians, Zoroastrians, Baha-is, etc. Just be careful not to add Buddhists, Taoists, Shintoists, Confucianists to the list of believing brands.   


In the mind of the atheist, his decomposed body, depending on where and how it is disposed of, might just serve to nourish or fertilize some corn stocks to bear cereals that might someday be served hot on another man’s  dining table; his rotten body might fertilize some trees that might one day bear fruits to be eaten as dessert after meals, and if so, through Osmosis and diffusion, will virtually be digested  through the alimentary canals and absorbed into the blood streams of  those that thus eat him to partly end up as faeces or possibly turn into another reproductive sperm to continue the cycle. Or he might fertilize the grazing grass for future donkeys, horses, cattle, sheep and goats or the wilder varieties of herbivores in the bush to start another cycle.


Interesting philosophy, isn’t it? Yet this is how far mundane philosophies get. They are unable to go further than this. Limited in the brains even as goats and sheep are unable to remember the past, Atheists and agnostics are not endowed to reason beyond the material. They can’t contemplate simple questions like; ‘who could convince us about the reality of colours if we had no eyes to see?’; ‘Would we have believed in the reality of sounds if we had no auditory senses?’ ‘If we had no taste sensitive cells on our tongues how could we have arrived at the reality of the different tastes in the things we ingest?’


Atheists and agnostics are unable to think deeper than the material. That is why faith, borne out of rational thinking and contemplation, is considered in itself as favour from God.  

Are we men and women of faith? We men and women of faith sometimes take for granted the direction of our thoughts when we need to give thanks for it. Countless are those of our brethren wooed away in their thoughts by Satan. They can’t think like you and I. You know we ponder sometimes over questions such as:


If humans were made without eyes to see, would we have believed colours exist? If only one or two humans were lucky to be the only ones gifted with eyes to see, how could they have possibly described to our full understanding the different beauties contained in the different colours in nature-red, blue, yellow green, black, grey and white? And would we have believed them?


If humans were without the auditory (hearing) sense, which laboratory or test tube could have proved to us the reality of sounds? And if only one or two of us were endowed with hearing and had heard some sweet melodious tunes, in what human language could they have explained to make us experience the same pleasure as they had by listening to the music?


If humans had no sense of odour (smell) and only one of us was lucky to be endowed with the sense of smell how could such a one have made us appreciate fully the delightful fragrance and aroma associated with the different things around us? And if such a person was in the habit of detecting through smell and telling us, ‘Go into this house, food is being cooked there’ and we went in and actually found the food. Then he says ‘Avoid this path or you soil yourself with excreta.’ And those of us who disobey and took that path actually soil ourselves with excreta, won’t we say he is a miracle worker?


We at times ponder also that if we were limited to our tactile (touch) senses alone and had based all our scientific researches to things that only lend themselves to detection by our tactile senses alone, wont we have rejected as unscientific, and for that matter untrue, the reality of existence of colour, sounds and smells? But would our inability to see, hear or smell have negated the reality of the existence of colour, sound and odour?


Consequently, by these thoughts, we believers are saying that, truth does not necessarily have to be scientifically provable since our science is equally limited to what is perceivable to our 5 senses only.  We are saying that there are 1001 phenomena out there in our environment that are not subject to our 5 sensory perceptions and which our mundane laboratories cannot analyse. The planetary systems for instance are in great motion at incredible speeds. Huge and gigantic as they are, we do not hear their sounds, probably because they do not produce any, and possibly because we are not endowed with faculties to hear them. Is there any reason to dismiss the prophets in all of history if they come to us with messages they claim is from the Maker, transmitted to them via their special gift of a sixth or seventh sense? Especially so when they were known to be men of impeccable character?.


Kwame Nkrumah was a visionary leader. In a tribute to him after his death, his American contemporary, Richard Nixon, described him as one who saw 50 years ahead of his counterparts. 50 years? Perhaps100. Read his books today and see if your opinion will differ. Far reaching vision is one example of the many rare gifts that a person may be endowed with which is not common to all of us, just as deep memory of the past is endowed to humans and not to other animals even though we all have brains in our heads.


We believers are saying that the prophets and messengers of God were not lying imposters. They were men specially endowed with some other perceptive senses not common to all of us by which they decoded messages intended for us from reality outside our material realm, reality beyond the perception of our 5 senses. We may choose to believe or not believe, each person is responsible for his own choices.


I conclude with the promise of Allah contained in the Holy Qur’an.


‘Verily, from the horizons ((heavens) and in themselves we will show them our signs (until they know) that our word is true. (Qur’an 41:53)


Folks, lets continue to ponder deep, from the evidences in the heavens, and in the workings of the organs within ourselves. Perhaps we may be guided. Remember, to understand how a mechanism functions does not mean it was not made. Let’s humble ourselves and chant a prayer, even if a silent one, for the guidance and favour of the Lord. Stiff-necked pride is certainly of Satan and will not do us any good.. May the mercy of Him on High be upon all of us.


Written by: Kadri Abdul Rahman

Of Volter River Authority Wa, Ghana

Review, Edited and presented by: Mohammed Awal of Zongo fm Canada.