30 Muharram, 1442 AH

Thursday 17 September 2020

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful

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About Us

Assalam Alaikum brothers and sisters in Islam. First and foremost, I would like to give thanks to our creator Allah Subhanahu Wata Ahla, God of all mankind. I am also praying to Allah to send peace and blessings to the best of all creatures Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). As our elders say, he who forgets the language of gratitude will never and ever be on speaking terms with happiness. We pray Allah includes us among those who are always giving thanks to him no matter the circumstance. AlhamduLillah, God has blessed the Muslim Zango communities of the Diaspora and in fact the whole world as it is, with yet another blessing in the form of an FM station called ZANGO FM. Zango simply means settlement of Muslims people especially those of Africa descent regardless of tribes, who are staying together for the common betterment of one another and to advance the interest of one another.

Gone were the days when parents, wives, brothers and sisters used to worry their heads so much when their sons, daughters, husbands, brothers, and sisters leave the shores of Africa to the Diaspora. Family members’ main concern was the Ibada or the religion. It was believed that life in the Diaspora can derail a devoted Muslim from the straight path. Zango FM is here to negate this popular myth and to help the Muslim Ummah (Muslim people) especially the Hausa speaking Muslims. When I say Hausa, I am referring to the speakers of the language and those who understand it. The Hausa language cut across a number of tribes from the sub- Saharan countries in Africa therefore it became a unifying mode of communication among most of the sub-Saharan African Muslim. Hence, to broaden the listening base of this FM station and the target audience, the executives decisively chose the Hausa Language.

AlhamduLillah, Zango Fm is here on a mission to help the Zango Muslim community to stay abreast with their religion and also discuss the social issues affecting our community. For a long time, the Zango community has been relegated and casted to the dungeon of ignorant and anti-social vices. Having this radio station is surely a step in the right direction to create awareness of the problems facing the Zango community and the misconception it is subjected to. It has been the dream of our ancestors or forefathers to see the Zango community rise above all stereotypes and become the envy of other societies. The fear of losing the Islamic moral values as it were, while striving for our share in this world has long been a stumbling block to the socio-economic advancement of this community. However, the best way to make the dreams of our forefathers and our dreams come true is to wake up from our sleepless slumber. Therefore thanks to the foresight of the great Information Technologists, Zango FM technicians, Mr. Mohammed Mustapha Baakoe of Minnesota, USA and his brother Abdul-Rashid of Montréal, Canada we have woken up from this sleepless slumber. We have an FM station with sole purpose of constantly reminding us of our religion and the importance of educating ourselves and our children to be better citizens of our community. Once again hope has been restored to the youth of Zango community that the future of this dynamic community rest on the effort we put in today. The great sacrifice of the presenters/hosts cannot be overlooked as it requires dedication and commitment to nourish this endeavor so as to achieve our collective objectives. Well done Mr. Mohammed Mukafa Ali of New Jersey, USA and Mr. Maazu Muftahu of New York, USA. As President Barack Obama once said “it will do us no good if hopelessness stares us in the face”. Definitely your sacrifices have rekindled this hope of a great future for Zango community. 

In conclusion I will like to remind my fellow brothers and sisters in Islam that the best thing we can hold onto in life is one another and assist in any way possible to see the success of this FM station and the Zango community in general. As the Holy Quran says hold onto the rope of Allah in your numbers and be not disunited. And to those who think this is just a mirage that is bound to disappear in time we say to you if you don’t stop fighting progress you will end up on the wrong side of history one day. Long Live ZangoFM, Long live Zango community and may Allah bless us all. Salam Alaikum Warahamatul Lahi Wa Barkatuhu.


Mohammed Kamil

Maryland, USA