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Posted on: 21 March 2013

For a radio station which commands large publicity machinery, it is only fair to acknowledge the immense contribution of its listening public. The quality of any radio station largely depends on its interesting programs, high bandwidth and the number of listeners at each given live broadcast. Interestingly, Zango Fm encompasses all these qualities within the shortest possible time of its establishment.  For sometime now, the writer has taken an interesting case study of some selected group of the public across the globe who telephone to express their opinions or ask questions during call-ins.

The writer has carefully selected the following cherished listeners:
ALHAJI ABU FARL: With an elderly voice and fatherly look-even though I have not met him personally- this gentleman is always with zango. He calls-in to ask intelligent questions in virtually all the live programs. His witty comments are very charming and his logical reasoning when it comes to community experience is quite extraordinary. He also involves in a moral crusade dubbed ‘dollar a day’. Dollar a day was launched to amass some dole for our malams on zango. At least, to pay for their phone bills. He launched this crusade with the indefatigable zango fm’s sports analyst-Garba Ibrahim of Canada fame and its gaining grounds. If you want further information, kindly contact Alhaji Abu through Mukafa. That is not all, he has also got great sense of humor especially when it comes to taking tribal jokes. I doff my hat for you sir!

BABA MUHAMMADU: Most of his jargons are now very common on radio…..’I have twelve questions to ask. How many questions will you let me ask?’ Including the writer, most listeners use this ‘trick’ to enable them ask many questions these days. Most of his questions are based on the Islamic doctrines and creed. His barrage of intelligent questions often choke the phone-ins with traffic. In most cases, the moderator has to beg him to take other contributors who have spent a lot of time waiting for their turns. As cleverly as he is, he will quote a section from the Holy Qur’an that the moderator should be honest and just to all in terms of asking questions and this will give him a lifeline to exhaust all his desired questions.

ALHAJI ALO BABA: Even if he is driving, he will pack his car and contribute. Like Alhaji Abu Farl, he listens to the program 24/7. He most of the time hit the nail right on the head with subtle Qur’anic quotations. He has many admirers on zango as well.

YARIMA: I decide to ignore the sarki because the heir will one day be the king. Quite an elderly, his unalloyed pleasure to contribute on radio is quite admirable. Like WAZIRIN BARIBARI and other elders, they give us enough moral support and criticize constructively where necessary.

ABDUL SAMAD: Due to time difference, this man spends a wakeful night in far away London to listen to zango. He also contributes to virtually all live programs. In fact, he is one of the advocates for the establishment of a sister radio station in Ghana. His advocacy is based on the fact that people back home will listen and work with the variety of da’awa they hear on radio. This will help them shape their lives. Their relationship with their friends, relatives and neighbors will also improve tremendously. May Allah hear and accept your prayers!

HOME BOY: Still in Europe-Belgium-this caller always calls around 11pm NY time and after bombarding the host with proverbs, he will humorously say ‘oh my time is up, kindly take another caller. How sweet! In one of his usual contributions, he proverbially referred to a sacrificial lamb which made a remark, ‘in wasa yayi dadi ko bai yi ba, bayana ne!’ inji ragon layya..To wit, ‘if you will feast or not, that’s not my problem, I’m gone!’….so said the sacrificial lamb .This made the panelists on the program roared into laughter.

HADI SAEED: A regular E-mailer and fellow Asian, Mr.Saeed has been the toast of us in recent times with his Japanese jargons~~ konbanwa, which means good evening and konnichiwa which also means hi. Dono yo ni anata wa watashi no yujindesu?~~~~how are you my friend? Sayoo nara!

HAJIA UWATA: Apart from the da’awa, her favorite program is jama’a mai kuka ce-a debate based on community experience and real life situation. A pro-Mukafa during the debate, she talks with lots of experience and laconic wits. Hearing her voice alone makes one feels good.

HAJIA HAJARA- GRUSI: Zabi sonka-greetings from abroad is her favorite. This program comes off on the eve of every Saturdays. The host of the program often asks her to explain some difficult Hausa words. The way she says it or the explanation she gives add up to the beauty of the program. When her voice is not heard, listeners start to ask about her until she resurfaces. Perhaps Baba Muhammadu thinks that she is a Burundian, so he calls her Hajara Burundi. How interesting! 

HAJIA MAAME TUNTEYA: She is one of the women on zango whom I think should have been given the chance to host programs. I can vouch from experience that she can host programs on culture and traditions. She also speaks with lots of wisdom and vast experience. Like a Himalayan seer, I will not vacillate and hesitate to give her programs on zango if…..

HAJIA MEIMUNA MARYLAND: Aside da’awa, jama’a mai kuka ce is also her fave. Her points are spot-on and concise. Her points are most of the time laden with proverbs. She is women advocate and will always support women during debates.

HAJIA ZALIHA KASIM: As far as I am concerned, she is the only lady who contributes to the political discussion on zango. She argues well with facts and she seems to like politics. I wish one day zango will have more of her to contribute to the political flagship program-dandalin siyasa

The writer may have forgotten some prominent names and anyone who has remembered any should kindly comment on this piece. May I say to y’allgong xi fa cai!(gon shi fa tai). To wit, happy Chinese new year!


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