4 Rabbee-Al-Awwal, 1442 AH

Tuesday 20 October 2020

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful

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Our forefathers migrated to the present day zango communities with tons of knowledge. They came to Ghana ostensibly to trade in gold, salt, cola and shea butter but they later realized that there is the felt need to educate and integrate the then indigenes into their camp. This made them to partially abandon their trading expedition and decided to teach. The mere thought that zango people lack knowledge is an affront to our dignity.. 

Common knowledge universally means to familiarize, apply and become aware of something or to understand something gained through experience or study. But modern day knowledge goes beyond that. It encompasses the representation of facts and concepts organized for future use. This also includes problem solving. However, there is also knowledge that far transcends even what is necessary for immediate survival. It is on this latter that civilization's future depends on. In Islam, knowledge is given great significance. The Knowing of the ninety-nine names reflecting distinct attributes of Allah which the Holy Qur'an asserts that knowledge comes from Allah is key.Also,the various hadith collated by many sahabis encourage the acquisition of knowledge. Prophet Mohammed (SAW) is reported to have said that "Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave" and "Verily the men of knowledge are the inheritors of the prophets". Islamic scholars, theologians and jurists are often given the title alim, meaning "knowledgeable".

Interestingly, in modern day Ghana,zango people can boast of manpower supply in virtually all field of endeavors. Take it sector by sector, you’ll get some competent personnel out there. But the multi-million dollar question is; why then do we always get this remark that ‘we lack knowledge?’
There are few bad nuts among us who due to unemployment or sheer ignorance of the happenings of the world take a paltry from individuals and are used as thugs to satisfy the whims and caprices of these individuals. To put it bluntly, politicians are the worst culprits when it comes to this. They storm our communities with cheek ease to get these ‘area boys‘。The sudden U-turn by these individuals to label us as unknowledgeable is sad to say the least.
Sheer misconception and propaganda against the zango community also play a part. Most people have the notion that zango people are the hewers of wood and drawers of water and so shall we be. Even as some of us try to prove a case by giving them a litany of examples that we have come of age, they still go ahead with their negative propaganda. One can easily understand them because if they accept that mantra-that zango has got knowledgeable people-the era of using some of us as hoodlums and organized crime syndicate will be over. This also means that they have to go beyond the borders of Ghana to pay for hard currency for the services of others for the same job. And this will come with a great cost.Also, some of us in respectable positions behave as liberalists and elitists and so tend to distance ourselves from zango.Instead of being in the community to create awareness and sensitize our own, we tend to desert them. We only appear there occasionally, especially during social gatherings. This leaves zango depleted of elites and so leaves a deeper scar on us that we lack knowledgeable people 

Selfishness and the spirit of individualism also play a major role. Some of our brothers who have the chance to serve in very high positions, be it governmental or private tend to turn their back against their communities. I think it is NEVER too late to still look down the ladder and help the young and up coming ones. For, a tree cannot be a forest. We really need the collective effort of all to build a healthy, knowledgeable and united ZANGO.

The proliferation of Fm stations further exacerbates our problems. We do not have any platform to showcase our talents and even propagate Islam to non-Muslims. Gladly enough, we have the likes of zango Fm these days to air our views. It will interest you to know that Zango Fm have a large listening and discerning public and this is what we hitherto lacked. But like the proverbial Oliver Twist, we still ask for more of Zango Fms to do the work of NCCE for our people. The indicators clearly show that zango is coming with a bang.Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives. This quote really tells us that politicians now rule the world. If our heads are crammed with knowledge and we show apathy or lack of interest to modern politics for fear of victimization, then we will allow half-baked politicians to govern us.Moreover, we should know that we can still serve in political positions diligently and scrupulously without embezzling state funds and we will still be rewarded abundantly both here and in the hereafter. When we take up such political positions, we will get better hearings in our embassies, conciliates and other important fields.

The indications are clear that the era to take up the leadership mantle of our dear nation is here and now. The sudden emergence of President J.D Mahama, VEEP in the making Dr.M.Bawumia, GJA best journalist of the year- 2012-Manasseh Azure-a freelance journalist who hails from Mukafa’s Krachi and master tactician Mas-oud Dramani who annihilated two Asian giants and powered the Black Princesses into their first ever semi finals of womens’U-17 World Cup currently taking place in Azerbaijan, are considered as reliable barometers that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. 

Saani A.Saleh,

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