4 Rabbee-Al-Awwal, 1442 AH

Tuesday 20 October 2020

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful

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Some people are just plain lucky .Even when the odds are stuck so heavily against them and nobody gives them a dog’s chance of survival, something unexpected happens to save them. As practicing Muslims mourn the death of the most revered chief Imam of Hohoe (May Allah have mercy on his soul) and the public opprobrium of his exhumation, zango leaders woke up from their slumber. That is, THE NEED TO UNITE AFTER ALL .It eventually dawned on us that there is the felt need to be under one common emblem. Although the idea was mooted by His Excellency the veep of Ghana, Muslim leaders all over Ghana embraced it whole heartedly. According to the interim president of the council, the first ever meeting which was held in the nation’s capital was a mammoth one….and to borrow the two contemporary words in Ghana, it
was ‘gargantuan’ and ‘unprecedented’ in the history of the zango people..

Ardent listeners of Zango Fm-an internet radio station based in New York-USA, went agog after they heard the creation of the council. As usual, and in typical fashion, they started magnifying and praising Allah by saying ‘Allahu Akbar’ ‘Allahu Akbar’ to show their appreciation.As we all know, every new organization may face some challenges, but it will largely depend on how it will iron out its differences as it is faced with those challenges.To be able to sustain this council, the writer wants to look at the following factors;

  • Transparency and accountability: The writer thinks that the ground-breaking organization should be run on transparency. As creation of websites is imminent, most of its activities should be pasted on its site so that people can have access anytime they visit the site. Roping in accountability, all transactions pertaining to the council should be posted on its site. Donations that will be received from philanthropists, well-wishers and periodic dues paid by its members and what have you should also be posted on the same site. This will create some level of trust in the executives .It will also bring some hope to its large followers.
  • Commitment: Without commitment, the council may collapse. There must be a consistent focus on the ‘shared vision’, aims and aspirations of the council. It also helps produce the focus necessary to generate the resources and time to accomplish those goals. When commitment throughout the entire council is achieved, the ability to meet the council’s aims and objectives is rest assured. Once all members are all committed to this course, there is no going back...
  • Synergy: The old adage that ‘a tree cannot make a forest’ is palpably true. The council will need teamwork to survive. Teamwork at its best will result in a synergy that can be productive. It needs the efforts of all to be able to work effectively. If every organizational structure functions well, the council shall stand the test of time.
  • The council should also be ready to receive constructive criticisms, especially if things are not going on well. Phone calls, letters, E-mails, text messages and any other 21st communication gadget should be used to channel our grievances. As we do, we should also be mindful of our utterances since the executives are our fathers and leaders as well.

As the general election takes off sometime in August/September, we expect that transparency and fairness should be the two key words. Long live the national council of zango chiefs, long live the voice of the voiceless-Zango Fm.

Saani Alhaji-Saleh,
Shandong-PRC, E-mail:kudijnr@yahoo.com/kudijnr3@gmail.com

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