4 Rabbee-Al-Awwal, 1442 AH

Tuesday 20 October 2020

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful

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Peace and Pieces, Revolution of Faith

 In the of Allah the compassionate the merciful of peace and pieces, revolution of faith.Salutation and peace unto the exalted, the architect of worship one divine, the king and the servant prostrate side by side in adoration of the lord supreme

The advocate of honor, respect and elevation to feminine race, his admonition to sons and daughters of Adam to thrice honor and cater for womb that bore them, cater thy fathers and the right of inheritance to women bears testimony to the messenger as first advocator to rights of womanhood

The liberator of the oppressed, tumult and oppression is worst than carnage, shun oppression among humanity and live and let’s live in dignity, respect and honor thus the exhortation 

Suicidal genocide in the name of the Compassionate is the antonym of martyrdom; mind divine abhors it, admonished adherents to same.

This day in matters of faith there is no Compulsion, the right is distinct from the wrong, and he who threads the path aright does so to his credit otherwise to the debit 

See how clearly the messenger speaks, yet the extremist zeal to enforce the unenforceable spread carnage on the faithful, within the sphere that we live the messenger of peace and the message of peace are shrouded and stained by the compulsionist ideology.

When would it end, I say very soon, when the idea of the matters of faith with the divine right to spread not by force of man, till this idea settled in compulsionist oblongata the sadist pseudo purest revolution etc, etc.

Now let’s move on with the formulae of peace that bind us in a knit. 

Regardless of your race and origin there is one formula that binds us all, there is one divine, and the messenger is Mohammed SAW

Adherents to this formula constituted a universal brotherhood, the strength of which supersede the ordinary 

His thoughts are divine and the heart over flows with action of the mind and the scribe records its constituents which directs the affairs of humanity

The thread of his foot is sacred, and the mark becomes the treasure of the miners who continue to search for the trace, a glimpse of it out price value

Billions became attached to His concept by faith, the erudite glimpses, amazed by sheer weight of a concept that torched accurately on the sophisticated fields of knowledge
One divine and the angels sing peace and blessings to his person, only the faithful were invited in the honor to sing along
An attribute of Allah is beneficent, His personality in reality is the benevolence of the beneficent, through whom the quest for satisfaction is fulfilled 

He is unlettered yet his words and actions constituted the body of knowledge, that attract people of wisdom from across the world who travel far and near, from every point of the globe in search of the wisdom thought and lived by mind divine

He foretold the past, dictates the present and foretold the future, as time come by it fulfilled accurately the foretold and the dictates thus the acronym Al-Ameen the trust worthy

His constituent daily extends with knowledge anew that outclass the ink and pen of scribes of the time. 
Thus the standard scale, by which all aspire their measure, yet fall short the scale thy love alone meet the grace of one divine
Compiled by: 
Mohammed Awal
Council for youth movement and Islamic civilization
Montreal, Canada

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